Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Services

Having a broken spring is something that is scary and alarming, especially if you're not expecting it (which is for most of the time). Your garage door can weigh as heavy as 200 to 300 lbs which make it really impossible and hazardous to rise. Whenever a spring breaks, do not attempt to replace it yourself but call instead the certified and professional specialist from Garage Door Repair Broken Springs.

The uncontrolled release of spring tension can get you severely injured, or much worse, can get you killed. Thus do not ever try a do-it-yourself spring replacement unless you have the training and the tools to do such kind of dangerous task

There are two most common types of springs that are used for the garage door. The extension springs and the torsion springs. Broken Springs Replacement has both kinds of springs with varying sizes, brands, and lifespan options. Before the spring replacement is performed, the technician must first check on your springs and type in able to recommend the most appropriate spring replacement. Springs come in different sizes and types to match with the door's weight and quality.

Garage door spring problem is really something that will get you into trouble, because it gets you stuck in a situation wherein you cannot safely lift the garage door. Therefore, appropriate check up and maintenance is always advised to all owners. Spring repair doesn't always mean spring replacement because there are some instances that springs aren't broken but aren't working as well. For this situation, adjustment of springs is may be all that is required to keep it back in shape. Still you can't be so sure about it. Thus, it is always safer to seek the service of Garage Door Repair Broken Springs. Most springs break because they have already reached their lifespan period. Springs' lifespan is counted through cycles or the number that the door has been moved up and down.

A standard spring can last about 3 to 4 years with 10,000 cycles. The frequency of replacing springs is depends on how high is the incidence that the garage door is being opened and closed. Garage Doors for commercial and industrial applications surely have high cycle requirements and Garage Door Repair Broken Springs has in store both standard and high cycle springs. Have a regular maintenance check up to system so you can figure out which parts are all too worn out already and must be replaced immediately. Prevention of accidents must always be considered so never wait anymore for worn out springs to break before you replace it.